About Emma



My name is Emma and I’m a product stylist and photographer. I work with other businesses and creatives, styling and photographing products, interiors, businesses and their people.

The last 7 years has been spent freelancing alongside businesses, stylists, families and brides. Formally training in beauty and photography and having an eclectic career working with children, in finance and recruitment has seen the studio grow into what it is today. Social media and an increasing amount of online competition brought an influx of my clients and colleagues wanting help with telling their brand story and having their products professionally styled.

I also own an online children’s boutique stocking small independently owned, local brands so I understand first hand, some of the challenges businesses can face with navigating the crowds online. Imagery and branding impacts everything and naturally we became a place to also share photography tricks and resources that help smaller businesses get to where they need to be.

We decided to rebrand, going through the same process as our photography clients to reflect our style, stand out and create a hub, that provided bespoke styling + photography services and resources for businesses of all sizes and stages. I wanted to offer the option of working remotely or onsite with businesses so good photography is accessible to everyone regardless of location. My clients are NZ product and service based businesses – online retailers, stores, trades and service providers, independent makers and big industry importers and corporates.

I love adventures and a good challenge. Innovative and handy, you’ll always find me experimenting with interiors, props and DIY. I love a touch of whimsy. Moody lighting, neutrals and naturals. My alter ego loves big open spaces, white walls. Colour pops and shiny things. At home I mix the old with the new. There is always music playing somewhere. I am at one in the kitchen with a love for amazing “vegetarian” food. Despite my name, I am not the worlds best baker but give me a few minutes and a camera and I will make it look amazing! Win me over with awesome coffee and find me at my best on a good hair day tending to my house plant addiction, planning amazing photos or a stunning Instagram feed working on a client project or growing my personal artwork and stock library.

The Urban Wild is our creative styling and photography studio based where we live in Waiatarua, West Auckland. It’s in the wild but stunning Waitakere Ranges – classified as a rainforest – a windy 10 minute drive from Titirangi Village or Oratia and on the way to Piha. Its also where my husband Ben and I spend our days (well, I do!) chasing after our two children, Scarlett Lilly and Emerson Fox.



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