Book a Baby Bump Shoot

Every expecting mum should have baby bump photos!

I loved being pregnant and as an expecting mum, I was excited about the new journey my husband and I were beginning.  I know.  Most people I have said that to, scoff and think that I must have had an easy pregnancy.  Well, I’m not going to tell you that I did or I didn’t since every pregnancy, person and situation is different and there is always someone who has actually had it worse than you, but I certainly had my challenges.  Most of it didn’t matter though because I just felt privileged to be starting a new chapter in my life.

There is one thing I wish I could change though, and that is of course, that I had more photos.  (Well… there are two things if you count the fact that I would have preferred to sleep in a bed and not on a thin, foam mattress on our wooden floors in the lounge for months during my pregnancy, so we could renovate our bedroom before baby came!)

I did on several occasions, try to get bump shots and after always being dissatisfied with the results, I would always think, ‘oh well, I’ve still got time’, but eventually, as it does, time ran out.  I do have the obligatory cell phone photos, courtesy of Husband but it’s not the same as having a few professional shots that really capture that point in your life.

Maternity_Baby_Bump_Post_4_i3Here is one of the best ones that I did get.  It was taken on my first day off, after finishing work.  Scarlett was born 16 days later.

At the time, I didn’t have a wireless remote cable (I do now though!!) so I had to keep running back to my spot in the door frame.

Then after several attempts of trying to hold my dress in the right place, get to my spot in time and in the right position, I realised that I hadn’t moved our outdoor furniture around and so had a cluttered background anyway.  I remember being annoyed with myself and thinking it would just have to do!  It’s very soft (not properly in focus), with said furniture heavily cropped but I still like it because it is all that I have and it is a reminder of the private, quiet, exciting time that you have with your baby before welcoming them into the world.


A lot of people I know of are/were too self conscious about their pregnant bodies to consider having a professional shoot, but sessions will always be tailored to suit you and make you feel comfortable the whole way through.  Some people are very open and proud of their bumps and I recognise that other people may be more reserved like myself.  Either way, think of a bump shoot as a way to tell yours and your baby’s story because it is after all the start of your journey into motherhood and your very first family photos, regardless of whether you share them with the world or keep them private.

Bump shoots are just one of the lifestyle photography sessions that I offer which I also give the option of including in my Baby’s First Year package.


See my website for more details on Lifestyle Photography Sessions:


2 thoughts on “Book a Baby Bump Shoot

    1. Hey Liz, yes and no. It’s still pretty new in the overall scheme of things, especially in our neck of the woods, only becoming popular in the last few years. But, I think its safe to say its more than a fad now – at least I hope so! I do find that the room is still pretty divided on maternity photography but that it is the case with various genres of photography in general when someone isn’t familiar with it, understand it or have any interest in it for themselves. Ask my father-in-law what he thinks of wedding photography for example and you would think someone had just held a gun to his head…

      As for your mum though (and mine), I couldn’t guess how old you are, but I think life was more conservative when we were born and if there were photographers specialising in maternity photography at the time, I’d say it would have only been for the brave.

      Do you remember the Annie Leibovitz and Demi Moore, Vanity Fair saga? That was only in the 90’s.

      I haven’t had a lot of requests for bump shoots (yet!) but other photographers who actively market themselves as maternity/newborn photographers do and are constantly booked in advanced. As I build my client base now that I’ve returned to work, I’ll be letting people know that I’m pretty passionate about capturing special times in their lives – including when they are expecting a little one and as with any of my photography, I hope that I hit the nail on the head so they won’t be throwing any of their photos out in years to come!


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